who we are

PHOENIX PROTECTION AG specializes in risk management. Our customers are globally active companies for whom we create risk analyses and offer customized security solutions.

Our aim is to enable private individuals and companies to operate freely worldwide without being hindered or restricted by security risks or concerns.

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Personal protection

Personal protection

We protect the physical integrity and lives of our customers through targeted preventive measures, discretion and comprehensive expertise, as well as the many years of experience of our employees.


Value logistics

Our services also include the protection of logistics centers and the secure and discreet transport of valuables, sensitive materials and hazardous goods.

Support from authorities

Public authorities

We support authorities in consulting, planning and implementing security solutions.

Associations and partners

S-GE Verband
S.Derrer GmbH
ConsultInvest AG


We achieve the high quality of our work through our qualified employees and partners, who work around the clock to ensure that our services are implemented effectively. That is why we continuously invest in the training of our team and in new partnerships.